DHL Tracking

DHL TrackingDHL is an international delivery specialist that sends parcels across established global distribution channels to ensure quick, worldwide deliveries. Here are all the options for DHL tracking.

DHL Tracking Tools

DHL customers can easily order express delivery of their parcels to anywhere in the world, with tracking also made easy thanks to a range of DHL tracking tools. Receiving details of their deliveries in the form of ‘waybill numbers’ after ordering, customers can use three tracking options: DHL ExpresSMS, DHL SpeedTracking and DHL eTrack.


DHL ExpresSMS is an SMS tracking service that can send customers their parcels’ tracking information in minutes. By sending a text message to 0843 487 1836 with the parcel’s waybill number, customers will receive a return text informing them of their parcel’s latest delivery status.

DHL SpeedTracking

Another way for customers to discover the real-time tracking of their parcels is to use DHL SpeedTracking. This tracking method involves a DHL phone number that uses speech recognition software to fulfil your demands. Customers that dial 0843 487 1836 and state ‘Track a parcel’ followed by their parcel’s waybill number will be updated with their parcel’s latest delivery information.

Customers also have the option of typing their waybill number, with the same outcome of receiving up-to-date tracking details. The DHL SpeedTracking service also enables customers to request an SMS confirmation of their parcel’s delivery status, as well as SMS notification of when their parcel’s delivery is made. To take advantage of this, customers simply need to wait on the line until they’re asked to enter their mobile number. This tracking option can also offer the assistance of a customer service representative, all the user needs to do is state ‘Advisor’ to be transferred.

DHL eTrack

DHL eTrack is the final tracking option available to DHL customers, and it uses email technology. Customers can receive tracking information for up to fifty of their parcels at a time by sending an email containing their parcels’ waybill numbers to Within seconds, they’ll receive an email in their inbox with their parcel’s tracking information. Also, if customers want to share DHL tracking information, they can simply add the email addresses of those they want to inform to the CC field in the original email.

All three DHL tracking options offer real-time tracking of DHL’s parcel delivery service, but as explained each can offer individual benefits depending on customers’ needs.